A guest post by Jane Allen, mom of Emily (gr. 2) and Max (K)

Mrs. Allen coordinates our plastic bag recycling at Winthrop, and recently has begun to foster a relationship with Jessie Schmitt, the new recycling coordinator for the city of Melrose.  You may have read about a new offering in the weekly e-Notice and want to know more about it, so here’s the scoop!


Winthrop Parents!
Last year I received a FREE energy assessment of my home and it was a FANTASTIC experience.  A very friendly and knowledgeable person came and showed me with a heat sensing tool where I was losing heat and spoke with me about how I could prevent it. He also gave me free fluorescent lightbulbs which gave off a nice warm glow, changing my perception of fluorescent light forever.  Best of all, he told me about 2 things that made it possible for us to get blown-in insulation in our home: 1) a $2000 rebate, and 2) a NO-interest loan for the remainder of the cost. We did it, and house is noticeably warmer and quieter. Best part, we did not have to go into our savings to do it. I am paying back the loan $52 a month.  I would urge anyone who doesn’t have an insulated home to take advantage of this incredible program. Feel free to talk with me if you have any questions.

And now, the icing on the cake:  For every person who signs up for a free energy assessment through this unique Winthrop school web link, the PTO will receive $10. What have you got to lose except your cold toes?!?

This program is sponsored by the Melrose Energy Commission in partnership with Next Step Living (NSL.)  Here is a Melrose Free Press article on the program.

–Jane Allen