The past few weeks have proved informative at Winthrop!  Many students and classrooms participated in our “All-School Challenge” and learned about our namesake, John Winthrop.  Students were captivated by the amount of wives and children he had, but many also brought forth the political and religious reasons why he was an important figure in Massachusetts history.

The pictures show the main hallway bulletin board, a sample of the wealth of information found by Mrs. Ogiba’s class (they actually needed two sheets of chart paper), and the diligent work of a Winthrop fifth grader.

Our canvas portrait of John Winthrop – a gift from the class of 2004 – has found a new home in the main hallway and presides over our building as a true namesake!

Newspaper Subscriptions

At Winthrop, only fifth graders and staff members have “subscriptions” to The Lewis Let You Know, but all members of the Winthrop community can read it – for free – and at your leisure on Mrs. Lewis website.    Click on the newspaper link!

I was lucky enough to be interviewed this month by two lovely ladies, Paige and Caty.  There’s a tech column, advice column, articles, jokes, and drawings.  I am impressed with the amount of work and effort these journalist extend to get this published each month.  Two weeks ago, with Mrs. Lewis out sick, the students were beside themselves that the February edition wouldn’t be ready in time.  They worked hard and it has clearly paid off!

All the news that’s fit to print ….

Fifth graders in Mrs. Lewis’ class have been working hard over the past month to create and publish a Grade 5 Newspaper.  Many students in 5L have stayed after school on Monday afternoons to be journalists, photographers, data collectors, artists, columnists, and jokesters!  Their first edition is hot off the presses and has been distributed to all fifth graders.  The newspaper staff also provided a copy to each teacher and faculty member at Winthrop.  It’s a great read and clearly well thought out and executed.  I’m excited to see our students enjoying the writing and publishing process, and can’t wait to read the next edition.