We’re on Facebook!

In the fall, I began speaking with the PTO about the possibility of creating a Winthrop Elementary page on Facebook.  Facebook is another way to foster communication between school and home, and will be specifically geared toward the learning that takes place here all day long!

  • The e-Notice is a great way to know about all the events and happenings in our school and in our community, and is delivered straight to your mailbox each Monday.
  • The website has specific information you may need (forms, notices, calendars, etc.)  However, you have to go to website and search for what you want.
  • My blog contains more detailed information about activities going on at school, or in the educational community.   You can subscribe to my blog and have it delivered directly to your in-box, or online reader.  The other option is just checking it when you’re interested in a topic.
  • Now, with our Facebook page members of the school community can “Like” us and have little bits of daily learning posted directly on their Facebook wall!

For those of you already on Facebook, a page is quite different from a personal profile.  There are no friends on our page, and you can’t see any one person or personal information.  Individuals can “Like” our page and therefore see what is posted.  They then have the ability to respond to posts.  The Winthrop Facebook page will never have student pictures, but will have posts that contain photos and explanations of student work, experiments, or places in our school where a great deal of fabulous learning is taking place.

For those of you not already on Facebook, consider joining.  It’s just one more way to stay connected with your children and Winthrop Elementary School!