Family Literacy

Each year, the governor of Massachusetts declares November to be “Family Literacy Month.” (See the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s page on the role of the parent in family literacy for tips on raising a reader.)

There are many great books out there, tons of classics as well as new materials being published every day. Obviously this can get quite expensive, however a weekly trip to the library can remedy the cost.  I just did a quick “google” search and found many, many, websites that publish book lists for families, lists for girls, lists for boys, lists by ages, lists by interests, etc., etc.   The Tyngsborough library even has a searchable database for children online.

That being said, my favorite way to find a book is to browse.   I grew up in the city with a neighborhood library we could walk to.  My mom had a gigantic bag for all our books and off we went.  I remember taking books off the shelf, sitting right there on the floor and starting to read!  Do your children have library cards?  Do you?  Well, go put them to good use and celebrate “Family Literacy Month.”