Parent Resources

Thank you to all who attended our Parent Information Night(s) this week.  Ms. Campbell, Mrs. Sousa, and Mrs. Perry had many in attendance on Monday night, and the rest of our staff on Wednesday!  As always parking was at a premium, and we appreciate the effort parents and families made to get here at the designated times.

At Parent Information Night several teachers mentioned resources that can be found on our website and I thought I would mention each here, for families who may not be familiar with these documents.

  • T.E.S. Family Handbook – Each child at T.E.S. was sent home with an “abridged” version of our handbook with information relevant to his or her grade on the first day of school.  The full version can be found here.  This document was put together by our 2009/2010 school council, and is a compilation of information that was previously found in the T.E.S. Code of Conduct, the T.E.S. Student Handbook, the T.E.C.C. Kindergarten Handbook, and the T.E.C.C. Preschool Handbook.
  • Grade Level Homework Guidelines – can be found on the main website under Policies and Procedures or here.
  • A Parent’s Guide to Math Homework – This document was adopted in 2007 and customized for our current math program, Investigations in Number, Data, and Space.  It was initially sent out to all families in hard copy form, with the hope that it would be used repeatedly as a child ages at T.E.S.  It can be found on our main webpage.
  • Firm, Fair, & Consistent News – T.E.S. subscribes to this great newsletter for families.  This month’s edition tackles the issues of consequences, nutrition, responsibilities, and so much more.  Click to link to September’s.

Happy Friday and Happy Reading!